“Waiting to See what Happens Next” – Pastor John

Dear Friends of Faith,

Grace and peace to you from God our Father.

Our church plans to finish the month of May with no in-person meetings on the property. The main reason we have “closed” is to protect our members (and members of our community) who are most vulnerable to the virus. We have been respectful of the governor’s orders and we have followed the bishop of our synod’s recommendation to remain “online” at least until the end of May.

Soon we will be answering the question, “What can Faith Lutheran Church begin to do in the months of June, July and August?” We will listen to the governor’s next recommendation scheduled for May 25, and we will listen to our bishop’s advice for our synod. Exactly what we do in Eaton will hinge mostly upon us, the members of Faith, to make decisions about when and how to gather.  

We will be watching the data (total number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths related to covid19) when determining what can be safely done in our community. If the numbers increase, we will remain “closed” for in-person meetings. If the numbers improve, that will impact our decisions. We will also monitor the activities of Eaton’s restaurants, small businesses, and rec center. In the weeks ahead, let us pray for the congregation council as they make decisions about gathering the people.

My hope for the summer months ahead, is that there will be gradual increase of small group activities. Perhaps, we can begin having some form of in-person gatherings on the church’s property. At first, these would be small groups. If not inside the sanctuary, perhaps there could be meetings somewhere on the property. Exactly what we can do will be known in the coming weeks.

Please pray with me, that God will help us find the best way to be together. Please share your thoughts and ideas with me, through email, telephone, or bring your own lawn chair to church. In June, I will begin inviting people to “bring your own lawn chair” and sit with me in the church parking lot – at a great distance!

The Lord be with you.
Pastor John